EnerEco 4 Pack Of LED Shop Lights
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Warranty: 3 Years

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This top quality light from EnerEco has the following features and specifications. For a full description, see below.

  •  Wattage: 34W per light fixture        
  •  Lumens: 3250lm each        
  •  Color Rendering Index: 80+        
  •  Kelvin Color Temperature: 5000K        
  •  Length: 46"        
  •  Width: 4.50"        
  •  Height: 1.60"        
  •  Rated Life: 36,000 Hours        
  •  Safety Certificate: ETL Listed        
  •  Dimmable: No       

Add incredibly energy efficient and high quality lighting to your work space or garage. These latest EnerEco shop lights feature the newest LED technology delivering light that not only is bright, but also has a high color rendition index (80+), meaning it will not stress your eyes like older generation LED lighting does.

Made of durable metal, and painted with heat resistant paint, these lights are built to last. Not to mention with a 36,000 hour lifespan (and a 3 year warranty), you won't have to worry about dead lights for a very long time.

These lights come in a convenient 4 pack, and include suspension chains, for quick and easy set-up and installation.

This Light is made by EnerEco and features a 3 Years parts and labor warranty backed by Wholesale Innovations.


  • 4x Led Shop Light with Hanging Chains

  • Wattage: 34W per light fixture
  • Lumens: 3250lm each
  • Color Rendering Index: 80+
  • Kelvin Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Length: 46"
  • Width: 4.50"
  • Height: 1.60"
  • Rated Life: 36,000 Hours
  • Safety Certificate: ETL Listed
  • Dimmable: No

    Wholesale Innovations is proud to offer this high quality Light from EnerEco.

    For years, EnerEco has been providing the highest quality products all across North America. In the unusual event that you have a problem with your EnerEco Light , Wholesale Innovations will be there to facilitate your warranty exchange / repair for you. The terms and conditions of the offered warranty are set exclusively by EnerEco. Wholesale Innovations will process your warranty repair / exchange per the guidelines set out by EnerEco.

    This product carries a full 3 year warranty, offering you protection against defects in parts and manufacturing.

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