Big Horn Big Horn 3500lb Electric 12V ATV Power Winch
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Warranty: 3 Years

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This top quality atv winch from Big Horn has the following features and specifications. For a full description, see below.

  •  Rated line pull: 3500lbs single-line        
  •  Motor: 12VDC, 1.1hp permanent magnet        
  •  Control: Handlebar mounted Mini-rocker switch        
  •  Geartrain: 3-stage planetary        
  •  Gear ratio: 136:1        
  •  Clutch (freespooling): Cam activated        
  •  Brake: Dynamic/mechanical        
  •  Drum diameter/length: 2.0"/2.9"        
  •  Wire roll: 50', 3/16" diameter        
  •  Fairlead: Roller        
  •  Recommended battery: 12 Amp/hr minimum        
  •  Battery leads: 6 gauge        
  •  Finish: Black       

- Complete kit, ready to go out of the box
- 3 year warranty
- 3500 lb pulling capacity
- Pure copper wound motor
- Heavy gauge wiring
- Sealed against moisture
- Forged steel hook
- Wired remote is included
- Standard size mounting bracket is included

Power, durability and reliability are the 3 things everyone looks for when buying a winch. When you buy a Big Horn winch you are getting the best of all 3.

With a load handling capability of 3500 lbs you can rest assure that even the toughest pulls will be handled with ease. Our pure copper wound motors are built to the highest industry standards utilizing premium grade components and oversized drive shafts when compared to our competitors. Power is transferred to our hardened steel 3-stage planetary gears at an optimal ratio of 136:1, resulting extreme torque and pulling power.

Tough metal exterior, braided aircraft steel line, and a premium forged steel hook together create an extremely durable pulling solution. Our forged steel hook was designed to be easy latching, with a spring loaded keeper to ensure the cable stays where you put it when winching alone. And with forged steel you no longer have to worry about your hook banging around and getting damaged.

Reliability is a standard on our winches as each model is carefully engineered with gaskets and seals in all key areas. Dirt, mud, snow and rain won't slow your ATV down, or your winch. A 3 year class leading warranty guarantees it.

Please note: Some ATVs and UTVs require a non-standard winch mounting plate. Please determine which type of plate your vehicle requires prior to purchasing.

This ATV Winch is made by Big Horn and features a 3 Years parts and labor warranty backed by Wholesale Innovations.


  • Qty 1 - Big Horn power winch w/ cable lead, hook & tether
  • Qty 1 - Mounting plate
  • Qty 1 - Handle bar remote switch kit
  • Qty 1 - Battery to switch junction box
  • Qty 1 - Battery connection cables (kit)
  • Qty 1 - Package of fasteners
  • Qty 1 - Manual

  • Rated line pull: 3500lbs single-line
  • Motor: 12VDC, 1.1hp permanent magnet
  • Control: Handlebar mounted Mini-rocker switch
  • Geartrain: 3-stage planetary
  • Gear ratio: 136:1
  • Clutch (freespooling): Cam activated
  • Brake: Dynamic/mechanical
  • Drum diameter/length: 2.0"/2.9"
  • Wire roll: 50', 3/16" diameter
  • Fairlead: Roller
  • Recommended battery: 12 Amp/hr minimum
  • Battery leads: 6 gauge
  • Finish: Black

    Wholesale Innovations is proud to offer this high quality ATV Winch from Big Horn.

    For years, Big Horn has been providing the highest quality products all across North America. In the unusual event that you have a problem with your Big Horn ATV Winch , Wholesale Innovations will be there to facilitate your warranty exchange / repair for you. The terms and conditions of the offered warranty are set exclusively by Big Horn. Wholesale Innovations will process your warranty repair / exchange per the guidelines set out by Big Horn.

    This product carries a full 3 year warranty, offering you protection against defects in parts and manufacturing.

    All requests for warranty / parts / service / exchange / return must be processed using our online form on this website by clicking here

    During the first sixty days after purchase, if it is determined that a problem with your product requires replacement of user-replaceable parts, we will have those parts sent to you at no cost for parts or shipping. After this sixty day period, but within the remainder of the 3 year warranty period, if user-replaceable WARRANTIED NON-CONSUMABLE parts are required, they will be provided per the manufacturer warranty policies, however, the customer will be responsible for picking up the parts from our warehouse, or they can be shipped if the customer pays a reasonable shipping and handling charge for transportation of the parts. If user-replaceable parts are required outside the warranty period, they will be provided to you at a reasonable charge for the parts, plus shipping and handling.

    If the product requires professional repair and it is within 60 days of the purchase date, with prior approval, the customer may return the product to us for repair or replacement at the manufacturers sole discretion. Shipping costs back to the customer, if applicable, will be paid by Wholesale Innovations. After the initial 60 days after purchase and within the remainder of the first year warranty period, if the product requires professional repair or replacement, with prior approval, the customer may return the product to Wholesale Innovations at their own expense. The product will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturers sole discretion. If being replaced, the product may be replaced with a new or refurbished unit at the manufacturers sole discretion. If the customer is unable to pick up the repaired or replacement product at our warehouse, the customer will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and handling back to their location. After the first year of warranty, if a defect in the product develops that requires professional repair or replacement, the unit will be replaced with a new or refurbished unit based on availability of refurbished units. Repairs will not be made to old units. The customer will be responsible for returning their defective unit to Wholesale Innovations at their own expense. After the first year, the warranty becomes a prorated warranty, this means that a percentage discount equal to the percentage of time remaining in the warranty period will be given off the regular retail price of a new/refurbished unit. The customer will be responsible for this cost as well as the cost of shipping and handling for the replacement unit back to the customer.

    If a product is determined to be defective because of customer abuse, misuse, handling damage, etc. or becomes defective outside the warranty period, user-replaceable parts are available from Wholesale Innovations at a reasonable cost plus shipping and handling. Repair services are also available, but the cost of parts, labor and all shipping and handling costs will be paid by the customer. Discounts may also be extended on new or refurbished units for past customers, where available.

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